Sunday, December 4, 2011

Classroom assignments

Last week, I spent another day talking to a business writing class.  The students were terrific and had some great questions.   They also had an assignment on PowerPoint.  I told them to check out this - best presentation anywhere, ever. 

Per my usual, I talked about managing your online reputation, what it takes for your materials to look good, and how you can have more than one page on your resume.  Interviews are always a fun topic of conversation.  How to prepare.  How to answer questions.  Strengths versus weaknesses.  What interviewers are looking for.   Yes, I love cover letters.  Yes, I read them.  Every word. 

Far more interesting to me was the assignment discussed before I began my stuff - resumes and cover letters.  You know students  - some taking copious notes, others disinterested posting on fb/twitter or texting with friends, and even others lost in thought.  I wanted to say then, and will say now, it may have been an assignment for them but I - me- talking about HR is real life.

Cold, hard brutal HR.  Real Life. 

If your materials come to your English professor with errors, she is going to mark them up and give you a grade.

If your materials come to me with errors, I am not going to mark them up and give you a grade.  I am going to select not hired.

Take this seriously folks.  99% isn't good enough.  It's gotta be perfect.


Anonymous said...

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Deirdre said...

Nice comment! You are so right, we are a global community and expanding knowledge to other places is key.

Thanks for stopping by!