Thursday, December 15, 2011

Let's talk ADA. Or not.

Here is a phone call with a telemarketer to the HR office. First, the stage.

Front desk, our wonderful HR assistant is helping someone with forms.  I am up front, getting a copy off the printer.  The phone rings.  Because I am helpful, and curious at an 877 number, I pick it up.

(This is important)
Me:  Human Resources.  How may I help you? (I say the NAME of the office in my greeting).  In return, I get this. 
Telemarketer:  I need to speak to the person responsible for human resources.

Pause.  Pause.  Because I am confused. 
Me:  Ummmm, well that would be the entire office
(HR assistant snickers)
Telemarketer:  Well, I need to speak to the person responsible for ADA

Me:  Well, which part of the ADA?
Telemarketer:  Do you know WHAT the ADA is

Pause.  Longer Pause.
I think:  No, I work in HR and have NO IDEA what the ADA is.  We skipped that here and don't offer it.
Or I could have said something about the American Dental Association but didn't think that fast.  I would have referred her to Delta Dental. They would have loved me. 
So instead, I say:
Me:  (Elongated yessssss) Which part of the ADA ... as in training, documents and posters, compliance?
Telemarketer:  Oh.  Compliance. 
Me:  It's my pleasure to transfer you.

I transfer her to my voicemail.   Evil laugh. Surprisingly, she doesn't leave a message. I guess I won't ever know what she wanted to sell. 

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