Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I have read many books on leadership.  A few make me want to go to sleep.  Others are okay.  Then I discovered this little gem.  The Three Commitments of Leadership

The book takes us step-by-step through three areas of focus: clarity, stability, and rhythm.  It outlines great ideas, examples, and illustrations of how these three points can help you be a better and more effective leader. 

After reading the book, my favorite part was toward the end. With the premise that we lead every day, the writers challenge us to ask ourselves two questions:

1. Where did you lead today? 
2. Where did you compliment someone else for leading? 

Make a note of these.  Take time to read this book.  It's worth the time and investment. 

*I received this book as an advance copy, courtesy of the publishing company. 

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