Thursday, April 5, 2012

what's new?

I have been out of the office in training.  I have lots of thoughts about mediation, Title IX and investigations. I just need time to write.  I don't have the brain power to do that because it is filled with training.  Some day.

I had breakfast with a friend earlier this week,  He is struggling with his blog and asked for me for my thoughts on blogging.  He is part of a consulting firm and is struggling with how to frame his blog.  And his first question for me was what I thought of it.  I gave him some constructive feedback (in my direct style) and told him to drop the cheesy picture.

He hasn't blogged since.  It's my fault.  It did kind of make me chuckle.  (The picture is bad  - this is coming from me with my photography hat on).

Truth is that you (and he) have to WANT to write.  You have to want to tell a story, share a thought, contribute and participate in the largest conversation in the history of time.  You have to want to write even if no one is reading your words.  Or looking at your pictures.  Or clamoring to follow you on the million or so social networks out there.

You need to write for you and no one else.  Find your voice.  Write for you.  Not for me.  Or anyone else.  

Everything else is just gravy.

And as a special treat, a picture of my Handsome little guy.


Cheers to the weekend.


HR Minion said...

Such a handsome dog!! Great advice as well but as soon as I saw him I got derailed by his cuteness. :)

Deirdre Honner said...

thanks. Isn't he a cutie?

How cares about HR when there is an awesome looking dog (or cat) on the blog?

Not me.