Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dancing with the Stars

No secret.  Anyone who knows me knows that I love this show.  For those who know me, it's sort of funny.  Not a dancer.  Never took a dancing lesson in my life.

I never miss this show. 

Why?  Because people - celebrities (some questionable with that label) take to the floor and the screen to learn to dance.  In front of millions of people.  And week after week have their performance critiqued by professionals. 

I would not be anyway near that brave to have my performance evaluated on air by professionals.  In front of millions of people.  And I know what I am doing.  Most days anyway. 

Donald Driver won.  Was he the best dancer?  No.  What I loved about him, week after week, dance after dance, was he took the feedback and said, 'I can do better.'  He never complained.  (Well once with Len but really who could blame him?)

He set out to do something he had never done before and in front of millions of people said every single week - I can do better.  I can learn more.  I owe it to the people voting for me.  I owe it to my partner.   He would do whatever necessary to keep on keeping on. 

He watched tapes.  He reviewed his performances.  He figured out that the key to winning was that crazy freestyle dance.  If you haven't seen it, it's one of my very favorites.  He was spot on. 

Wow, what a work ethic.  What an impressive commitment.  What a model.  Good for you,  Donald Driver.  Thanks for showing what's possible with hard work and an indomitable spirit. 


Jennifer V. Miller said...

OK, Dee, I'm going public with my DWTS fandom here :-)

You know what I loved about Donald's approach? He did something completely unexpected in the freestyle dance. It was risky, not crazy-risky. There was thought put into it. He said, "everyone's gonna expect me to do hip-hop, so let's do something different."

I also admire him making no excuses for his life situation. He came from abysmal circumstances, but he turned it around and made something of himself.

Deirdre Honner said...

I totally agree with you. He was incredible. Never once did I hear him complain about anything and he just kept going.


I also thought later that he had a great partner. She kept him focused and on track. She let him have all the spotlight. She was incredible too.

Glad to know that you watch too. :)

Desiree said...

Great post! Although I do not watch Dancing with the Stars, I love the message here. Hard work, commitment and passion can lead to all kinds of success. Just believing in yourself and what you can do, (even if there are millions of people watching and critiquing) will take you places that you never imagined.

Jenna said...

"I can do better. I can learn more. I owe it to the people voting for me. I owe it to my partner."

This is awesome work ethic. I believe if you approach everything with this attitude, you will go far in life. You have to be driven beyond expectations!