Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Title IX & DriveThruHR

I don’t get excited about titles.  But this title has been stuck in my head since January.   I had a chance to attend a Title IX training, to become a trained Title IX investigator. I had no idea how this would affect me.  

It’s been hard  to write about this.  But my dear friend Lisa who has listened to me vent, rage, and lament kept saying - you need to write this down. You need to blog about this.

I couldn't.  It was easier to write about mediation, careers, and photography.  

This is tough. It made me cry.  

Then I had a conversation with William Tincup.  He asked me to be on his radio show, DriveThruHR.  He asked what I wanted to talk about.  

I said, Title IX.  Then I told him. He said, "Holy $h*t, do people know about this?"  I said that I didn’t know.   
So it starts now.   

Many people think Title IX is mostly about sports. It is but it's so much more. It's about fair and equitable access for women. All women. Title IX PROHIBITS DISCRIMINATION ON THE BASIS OF SEX in education programs or activities operated by recipients of Federal financial aid.

And Title IX is about sexual assault.  Sexual Harassment.  Sexual misconduct. Rape.  Coercion.  Awful stuff.  

1 in 5 women will be the victim of an attempted or completed sexual assault WHILE AT COLLEGE.
Title IX is about barriers that exist for a DISCRIMINATION FREE education for women.

Say this out loud right now.  1 in 5.  

Hello, it’s 2012.   Who thinks this is okay?  

Sexual harassment includes sexual violence, sexual battery and sexual coercion.  Russlynn H. Ali, Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights  wrote a wonderful letter referred to in education circles as the Dear Colleague letter. This letter outlines exactly the concerns, the difficulties, and the effects associated with sexual harassment in education. In colleges. In high schools. If you have children in school, statistics must be available to you under the Clery Act.

Please read this letter.   Please share this letter.

1 in 5.  

I will be on DriveThruHR on Friday, May 5 at noon.  You can listen to me here.  I will have additional information on resources and information on this topic.

This is important stuff.  

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