Sunday, May 20, 2012

What's in your Klout?

I read an interesting article over on Wired about a marketing executive who didn't get a job because his Klout score wasn't high enough.

I thought it was a peculiar article.  Who would make a hiring decision based on one particular (and relatively unknown) social media tool?  Dunno.  I have a decent Klout score.  Not because I try but because I am plugged in to many of the social media tools that Klout uses to measure influence.

My score highlights many of the areas that make sense.  Like I am strongly influential in Human Resources. No brainer there. But then it gets (more than) a little odd.  Moderate influence Social Media, Grand Rapids, Cameras, Photography ... and Batteries.

Batteries?  Huh.  I don't write (until now) about batteries.  I don't even know that much about them except that they are necessary to power things I love - like my computer, my camera, and my smart phone.

Even funnier - but still part of my portfolio - are topics of influence including Oxford, College, Careers, Internet Startups, and (drum roll please) Zombies.

Yes Zombies.  I have influence in Zombies.  

I spend a good deal of my professional time hiring.  Would I pass on a candidate who had a less than perfect Klout score? Not a chance.

Given my Klout score, I wonder what others might think as well.  Unless I am looking for that battery-related, human resources Zombie expert who looks for photos or typos in Oxford.  For the Red Wings.  Then, I would say that I am really qualified.

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