Monday, September 24, 2012

Bad bounce

Last week, I received a (nice) note from a job seeker looking for work.  She asked me to look at her materials and inquired about my workshop.

I sent her a note back with some recommendations on her materials and answered her questions.

Then I got this bounce:

Thank you for your email.  In order to maintain a balanced life, I only check this email a few times per week.  If this is urgent, please call me.


People, if you are job hunting, do NOT have this kind of bounce on your job-seeking email account.  I applaud good boundaries necessary for you to maintain a healthy life. But many employers use email as a primary method of communication and I would hate to think you missed an opportunity because you aren't checking email.

Best recommendation is for all you job seekers to have a special email address for job applications only.  You can check that email daily and it won't take a lot of brain power to cull through a ton of junk.

'Nuff said.  Enjoy the day.


Karen said...

Just encountered an applicant with a full voice mail in box.

Deirdre Honner said...

Google Voice. It's that simple.