Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Kitchens, HR style

What is it about HR people and food?  Lots of things including we know how to cook, bake, toss, grill, smoke, drink, and most importantly, eat.

Ask any HR person how you get people to meetings.  Food.

So it's no surprise that many of my human resources colleagues are exquisite culinary experts.  My favorite?  Karen Kerr who blogs at Karen's Kitchen Stories.  

Karen and I worked together for many years.  After leaving the staffing industry, we both transitioned to HR in higher education.  It is wonderful to have a colleague to share the war stories.

When you read her blog, you will notice a lot.  Mostly you will see recipes for mouth-watering breads and muffins, fabulous libations in frost-covered glasses, and some of the best photography on the planet.  Stunning pictures.  Taken with macro lenses.  On a tripod.  Really. 

I love the whole package - the food, the photos, and mostly the person.  Congrats Karen on a wonderful blog!