Monday, January 7, 2013

Monday musings

The basement cleaning will be quite a project.  I have all my old college/grad school papers, binders, and discs to cull. It will take a while. 

I also think it will produce some really funny blog posts. 

Every paper I turned in had to have my name and social security number on it, above the date.  That's crazy.  (They got burned after being shredded).  Who thought that was a good idea?

Something fun I found was a question for the final for one of my psychology classes. The question was this:

Identify problems, situations, and/or individuals you would enjoy working with. Be concrete.  (note, I would never end a sentence with the word "with" - it's a personal preference but this was a direct quote from the paper).

Funny, I can't find the paper with the answer.  But this I know.

I like working with people who do what they say the will.
I like working with people who know how to laugh.
I like working with people who are smart, sharp, and astute.
I like working with people who are direct.
I like working with people who drink coffee.  
I like working in environments with no drama. 

At times, we will all fall down and fail a little bit.  I especially like working with people who can extend a little grace now and then. 

I hope I can find the paper to compare answers.

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