Sunday, February 17, 2013


I was having a great conversation with a friend and we were discussing retirement.

Retirement.  Ah.

Most people, hearing the word, think of the definition of ending employment, leaving the workforce. You know, not working anymore.  Ever.

Me?  I think of the other definition:  a place of seclusion or privacy.

Many of you know that I spend every possible moment at a little cottage I have on Lake Huron.  And when I think about winding down work in the years to come, there will be a fair amount of time spent chilling at my little slice of heaven.

But I can't ever imagine not working - at least the aspect of continuing to contribute to the world at large - locally, regionally, even globally.  As long as I can contribute something meaningful, I will.  What will change is how I spend my time and with whom.  And amounts.  Less here.  More there.

Until then, I will keep working, writing, and thinking about what I do now and what's to come.

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