Saturday, March 9, 2013

book review - so good they can't ignore you

I received this book last fall from the publisher and two things delayed its reading.  One, I was put off by the title; and two, I lost it in our basement remodel.

I found it when I was emptying boxes.  The joy found in boxes.  

I really like this book.  I like the notion of dissuading people from "doing work you love and the money will follow" mantras.  I like the work, interviews, and effort that went into writing this book. 

The book covers four rules:

1. Don't follow your passion
2. Be so good they can't ignore you (importance of skill)
3. Turn down a promotion (importance of control)
4. Think small, act big (importance of mission)

The book has good research, great stories, and ideas to roll around in mind like a lifesaver in your mouth. 

And just as much as I love the book, the glossary, career profile summaries, and the notes -the AWESOME notes - complete with URLs make it a four star read.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher. I was not paid for this review. This is a terrific book and highly recommend it.

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