Monday, March 4, 2013

the value of engagement

I woke up Sunday morning and our internet was out.  This is pretty much a travesty given what I do for work and life but alas, there is little I can do about Comcast. 

I called the Comcast number and talked to a young lady who read from a script. 

Taking a step back, I can't imagine answering Comcast's customer support line, especially Sunday morning, is an easy job.  But I am pretty good with technology and before I ever pick up the phone, I have powered down, unplugged, disassembled, reassembled, waiting well beyond the time suggested, replugged, and waited.  Then I call. 

But she doesn't know this and I can't blame her for not being too helpful.  She scheduled someone to come out on Monday. 

So I go to my backup, my phone, and lo and behold, I have no network access there either. That whole unplug thing I made fun of?  Yeah, it was mocking me. 

I called Verizon to get the story and get a really great support person, Matt.  I ask about us both having no network access AND having no internet access and Matt was GREAT.  He tells me that Verizon has to 'get' its network access from somewhere (probably Comcast here) and he immediately says, "if you don't mind holding, I can going to contact our network group and find out if something is going on."

While he couldn't fix our problem, he did say that someone would call me back and let know the outcome. 

The difference was ENGAGEMENT.  My Comcast help read from a script.  When the outcomes didn't align with her script, she just scheduled someone to come out.   Matt pieced together a potentially larger issue, explained it to me, and took steps to help resolve it. 

The morale of the story?  My basement is clean.  It's amazing what I can get done with no network access.  Lesson learned?  There is value in hard copy cookbooks. 

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