Saturday, April 6, 2013

keep me in mind

DSC_0719 I can't imagine there is an HR person who hasn't heard the request from candidates to please, keep me in mind for other opportunities

Some have gone through the application and interview process; others have sent me a resume and there isn't anything available. 

In the moment, it's really too much time to go into when I can and can't so here are a few of my thoughts on the topic.

When I can keep you in mind:

- when I have interviewed you for a position.  I can keep in mind if I have met you, evaluated your experience, think that you have the qualifications to do the work and have a position open. 

- when not a lot of time has passed.  I have limited memory in my brain and it's not possible to remember everyone who I have interviewed.   If it is recent, within the last few months, chances are better that I will remember you. 

When I can't keep you in mind:

- when I haven't met you or interviewed you. 

- when it's been a few years since we have connected.  I meet with dozens of people each month, and while I would love to remember everyone, I can't.  Sometimes, like now, my brain is full.  

- when you just send me a resume that seems lacking in direction. If I have to ask questions about why the resume and what you are looking for, that's extra work on my part.  Not going to happen. 

- when it feels like you want me to do the work for you. 

Remember, asking me to keep you in mind is NOT a replacement for your job search. You, the applicant, are responsible for staying on top of job postings, subscribing to listservs and Twitter accounts, checking the website for jobs.  I do not and cannot represent you the applicant;  my responsibilities are to my employer - helping find the best person for the position. 

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