Sunday, May 19, 2013

bad advice

What do you do if Human Resources gives you bad advice?  

A few weeks ago, I was talking to a friend about general stuff.  She doesn't work in HR and was telling me about a problem she was having at work.  Sometimes, more often then not, it becomes a question to me.  What would I do? 

She tells me the problem. I always like to turn the question back, asking, "what do you think?"  Most people have a good idea of what needs to happen.  She was no exception but ... she says, I think [this] but HR told me to do this.

Eeeh. They said what?  

Now, I don't know first hand the culture, and I am only hearing her perspective of the issue but I trust her. So my questioning goes here:

- Is the HR person new?
- Is the HR person leaving? :) 
- What's your relationship with the HR person? 
- Have you worked with him/her before?
- His/her general reputation?  Does he/she normally give good advice?  Helpful?
- Is the HR role - consulting or decision making?

After talking through the issue a bit more, I suggested that she go back to the HR person and discuss it a bit more.  With time for reflection and a little more conviction for what she wanted to do, she presented a couple of additional ideas and was able to change the course of action for the better.


What do you do with bad advice? 

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