Saturday, July 13, 2013


It's hard to write in the summer.  It's hard to think about writing when I get distracted by love and beauty like this:


and this:

and constant interruptions by my neighbor.

I had time on the radio show DriveThru HR talking about Title IX.  I am working on mediation, career coaching, and what's next in HR. 

Then, I went to MBTI training.  I was excited about the training; then I went through it.  Life changing.  Really truly an amazing experience.  

I look forward to writing more about it when I have had time to digest it.  I need the time well, because I am (and prefer) INTP.   If you are wondering. 


Karen Kerr said...

Entj, with the j being the weakest.

Deirdre Honner said...

the NT - it's why you are a great thinker and leader. :)