Wednesday, September 25, 2013

the stuff I never get to ...

I wrote last about important things students should keep in mind while job hunting.  Bare bones kinds of things.  Here is the stuff I never get to.  Important things to know and do when you have a job. It's not all inclusive, it's not revolutionary, but it's worth mentioning. 

1.  Be nice to colleagues.  Assume good will.  Doesn't mean that you always have to agree or fold-like-a-lawn-chair when conflict is present but treat people decently.  Trust me, people will remember this about you.

2.  Get good at resolving conflict.  It's everywhere in the workplace.  Find ways to approach colleagues and resolve problems.  Take a class if you need to.  Watch and learn from others.  This is way beyond valuable in the job.

3.  Reciprocate.  Don't be a one-way.

4.  Be curious.  Ask good questions.  Learn about the business.  Learn other areas.  Disregard advice about not pursuing advanced degrees.  Keep learning.

5.  Deliver.   If you promise someone something, make sure it happens.  If you can't meet a deadline, talk to your colleagues, your employees, and/or your supervisor.  Ask for help if you need it.

6.  Own it.  If you make a mistake, fix it.  Bad news never gets better with age.

7.  Keep a confidence.  If someone tells you something in confidence, don't blab.  It can take years to rebuild trust.  Sometimes you have to change jobs for it to quit following you.

8.  Manage your career.  No one will do that for you, no matter how awesome or fabulous an employer or supervisor.   Find a mentor to help you.  If you like what you are doing, put together a career and learning plan to advance.  Be flexible.  But keep moving.

9.  If you step out of the workforce for any reason, with the intent on someday returning, volunteer.  Do some work in your area of interest; it will help keep your skills and savvy up to date.  I make little distinction between paid and unpaid work, as long as the references are stellar.

10.  Say thank you.  Seriously, find one person every day to offer an encouraging word or write a note of thanks.  Make it authentic and sincere.  Be real.

Good luck and much success. 

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lizi said...

Great points to be noted while you are being on job. Thanks for sharing. lizi