Sunday, December 8, 2013

your resume

I had a colleague call me and ask about resumes.  So here is what I told her in a nutshell.

I am not going to remove you from consideration if:

- you use a funny font.
- you right align, center align, use a line in - your text. 
- you bold the first letter of each bullet.
- you use periods. you don't use periods.
- you use an objective, you don't use an objective, you use a summary of qualifications, you don't use a summary of qualifications.
- you list an address or you don't list an address. 

I don't care about the little things.  We don't have ISO standards for resumes - at least not that all professionals agree on. 

What I DO care about is this:

- I can understand your experience. 
- I can easily see your accomplishments. 
- I can see your progressive career;  if you have taken time off, it's clear.
- your skills match my needs. 
- you spell words correctly and use punctuation when needed.

And I care deeply about cover letters.   Write a good one. 

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